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Fitness for beginner & intermediate kids of all ages.

Located in Long Beach and surrounding cities, Fitness For All offers Fitness classes for beginner and intermediate level children ages 2 and up.

Taught in a fun environment, our classes are designed to establish healthy lifestyle habits. Our classes teach kids that moving, and fitness is fun. Classes cater to individual fitness needs and levels. 

Our Beliefs

We believe that we are born to move.  Children are naturally active and when we weave that natural tendency into routine, we're giving your child a strong foundation for a healthier future. 

What our customers are saying...

My twins have been taking their classes since Pre-K and they love it! In fact, they look forward to the afternoon sports program they are currently enrolled in and ask me every week, “is it Fitness day yet???” Coaches are wonderful, patient and attentive with kids ages 5-12 (in this current group) and always switches up the fitness obstacles to keep the kids engaged. When they add another weekday class, I’m right there signing up the twins! Highly Recommend to give them a sporty try! - Petrina D

We love Fitness for All! Coach Carolyn and Coach Tawnya have been so great with both of my sons. They find creative ways to keep the kids moving, work on new skills and have fun the whole time. The classes use age appropriate drills and games. I've seen improvement in their coordination, dribbling and catching - Lisa C

Fitness For All offers a wonderful, interactive fitness program that our students and parents love.  Tammy S 

Parents, we're here to help your child/children move. In our classes we make fitness fun with games and movements that will help them sleep soundly tonight!  Your child will improve coordination, build endurance, strength, and increase flexibility through age appropriate activities such as, obstacle courses, agility exercises, and plyometrics exercises.  We also cover basic sport skills. We keep fitness fun!

Fitness For All

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Available for bookings in Long Beach, Lakewood and surrounding cities

Address. Greater Long Beach

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