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Meet The Coaches


Certified Fitness Trainer 

Hi, I’m Coach Tawnya and I’m so excited to be your child's coach and help them learn to love fitness!  My fitness journey began in 2014, about a year after I had my second child, and I decided it was time for a change.  I wanted to feel better about myself as well as set a good example for my two daughters. I joined a small local gym and invested in personal training. Over the course of a year I fell in love with fitness.  I took this newfound love further and began earning fitness certifications and instructing classes at local gyms.  When life changed for the world in 2020, I decided to make fitness my full-time business.  Carolyn and I teamed up to create a family friendly, outdoor, socially distanced, mobile fitness experience.  Originally, we set up "shop" in our local parks, we've grown since then to nearby preschools and elementary schools.  We created our dream and continue to live it.  

Certified Personal Trainer and Physical Education Teacher


Hey, I’m Coach Carolyn and every day I live my passion! I grew up in South Africa and always have been very active. I played field hockey from the age 10 until I was 28. While earning my B.A. in Physical Education I became a certified Step and Aerobics instructor. When I immigrated to the United States, I played in softball leagues, as well as golf and tennis.  I love moving and challenging my body by working out and participating in cycling classes.  Recently I’ve taken up running, which despite my background in field hockey, I find very challenging - but I love a good challenge!  Another way I challenge myself is in my career. I have always been passionate about fitness and wanted to bring my passion for it to today’s youth. I’ve been teaching fitness to children for 26 years, as I have another business called Playsports which is in 45 preschools and elementary schools in Southern California. I believe in the power of movement and that’s why I’ve dedicated myself to establishing good movement habits in kids, and now with adults too. I would love to help you, your family, and your friends move!

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